Light Your Lead...

This is a ministry approach to equipping leaders grow their potential through crisis and serve at places where God has placed them to be in Life.


About The Light your Lead Program

God birthed this idea in our hearts during the total lockdown because of COVID-19. Through our ministry operations, we get enormous calls of wonderful friends, ministry leaders and friends lose jobs, close churches rendered in active by the situation.

Because God has invited us “to shine the light” we continue to pray and wait on God for guidance on how we can be able to Shine our light in times that seemed dark in the lives of many especially in the year 2020, between April till December 2020.

Through collaborations and lots of interactions we started with leaders connect sessions- these were 45 minutes catch up meetings of friends with a closed circles to ask them.

James Katumba

a) Self-discovery

This includes two sessions with interactive activities

b) Leadership basics

 On a bias on servant leadership principles (2 sessions.

c) Branding

Online branding with a focus on marketing or selling a product

The Program

Focuses On These Three Primary Areas