10 real reasons why Leaders Fail!

10 real reasons why Leaders Fail!

1. Loosing Focus

Once a Leader diverts from the Vision, the reason, the leadership purpose or whatever you may call it, they fail. This is more of losing sight. Leaders who are extraordinary from others think big and never step out of the reason they took up a Leadership position.

2. Lost Love

Most Leaders step into positions with Love. There is nothing that followers need than feeling loved by he who leads them. Once a Leader completely fails to maintain this relationship, little hate and fear upswings among followers and eventually leads to failure.

3. Not following

There is a common saying that a Leader is a follower. Once he begins to think that he knows everything and can’t follow other people’s ideas, this is failure. The aspect of following makes people feel valued for their ideas and commitment to work with a Leader.

4. Integrity Break

Leaders build network cycles with other people. It takes honest, trustworthy and integrity to maintain these relationships. Once this is broken through lies and empty promises, people in the cycle loose trust and disrespect whatever you are leading.

5. The Boss Feel

Leaders are different from Bosses. In the essence of achievement, a Leader says, “We have achieved it”, a Boss says “I have achieved it”. The moment a Leader seeks for recognition, they fail. Personification is an essence of dictatorship.

6. Quitting

Well, this sounds complex but a Leader must never quit. When situations are tough, they become tougher. This quoted baby phrase makes sense! “Just as every mathematical addition has an answer, every problem has a solution. Never quit”

7. Failure to seek Wisdom

Wisdom is the scepter of Leadership. Without it, a Leader is useless. Leaders who do not seek wise counsel fail. Wisdom can be sought from others and through reading. Leaders are readers. The Bible offers a pool of direction to any Leadership responsibility.

8. Self-Lead Failure

Before you lead others, you must lead yourself. Leaders lead themselves by living a life that controls their appetite, time, money, feelings, desires and emotions. Not understanding how to lead yourself is failure to understand what you lead.

9. Compromise

Compromising core values, principles and rules is failure. There is an old saying that “you fail often when you work to please everybody”. To me this is correct. Successful Leaders don’t compromise with weak options but follow and act in the right paths.

10. Communication Barriers

Followers need constant communication to make them know what’s happening, and what needs to be done to make things happen. This has to be true, clear and open communication. Leaders hide nothing apart from what is confidential.

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